bose sound system and front door speakers


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I have just bought an A3 tdi sport with bose upgrade, I have swapped the stereo out, (using an adapter harness) is the bose amp compatible with other head units?

Do i need to set anything up on my head unit to work with the amp?

Can anyone recommend a set of front component speakers ? I read somewhere the MDF adapters are the ones to get for the front speakers, where can i get them from please?

Im not after a full on sound system just the front speakers have blown....




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Wanna replace my stereo at some point. If I remember rightly (it was ages ago when I came across it), there is an adapter that turns the Bose wires into an RCA lead so you can plug it into the back of a head unit. Also can across a wiring diagram too. Do a bit of googling you should come across it.
Hope that helps


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My front speakers are also blown :(
Would be interested to know what to look for when buy a new pair of speakers.
so far i have 5.25 inch and that all i know :)


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Bose speakers are 2ohm, after market are 4ohm so won't work properly if on a full bose system... if you have a half Bose system then I believe the fronts maybe 4ohm... this has been discussed a few times before though[node]=17

13cm fronts, 50ish mm mount depth and will need adaptors to fit... I have also done an install documented from here..