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Bose Sound - Aftermarket Head Unit Interferrance

Hardeep8P Dec 8, 2018

  1. Hardeep8P

    Hardeep8P Registered User


    I have an Audi 8P A3 Black Ed 1.8T.
    Concert as standard and full bose!

    Now, the bose system worked great. Good bass. But i needed a better HU!

    So, I purchased Sony XAV-1000

    I’m all connected, speakers are working. However

    1) I have the whine noise. I believe this is due to bad earthing, so I’ve ordered ground loop connectors. Will this do the job? Or is there anything else?

    2) my main concern is i feel like I’ve lost bass...my speakers don’t sound the same. How can i change this? Will the RCA Ground Loop isolators make the speakers clear again?

    Any help will be much appreciated!!

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