Bose front door speaker Audi code number...


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Annoyingly my front drivers door speaker appears to have died...It keeps reverberating and is very annoying.

Does anyone know the Audi part number for this?

So I can trawl ebay for a replacement. Out of interest how much effort is the removal of the door cards?:blackrs4:


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Not sure mate,

I have a little buzzy rattle coming from one of my door speakers.

If you contact Stoke-Audi, on this site, they may be able to give you a part number.

I'm not brave enough to remove the door panels, I'd be scared they wouldn't go back properly


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Part No.: 8L0 035 411

removal of door cards:

Remove 2 screws either end at the top near the window.

Remove the screw inside the grab handle

Push down the plastic cover inside the grab handle

Remove 2 screws inside grad handle.

Llift the whole door card straight up and it should come off.

Disconnect the electrical conenctions and door lock.



cruising in 6th...
Sorry to bump post but does anyone have a drivers side front tweeter for sale. I know this could go under the wanted section but i couldn't for the life of me find it.

I deally im after a front bose speaker and tweeter.

Thanks Steve. :sos: