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Mar 23, 2012
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Hi, the ball joint bolt that holds the boot strut to my car has worked its way loose and came off when i closed my boot. It won't thread in tight, should there be a nut on the other side as there doesn't seem to be one?
I have been trying for a while now to get it to screw back in with no luck at all, I wondered if there is such a thing as a gas strut that could take the weight of the whole boot so I would only need to have one?
Hi, its not totaly clear which end of the strut has come of in your first post. If its the mounting point on the inner quarter panel of the car then it has a threaded nut which is welded to the inside of the panel and if its become damaged then its very tricky to fix as its done from the inside of the panel (where you cant get too)

If its the part on the inside of the tailgate, best bet would be to remove the tailgate inner trim to gain access to inside of the boot and attempt a fix with a correct nut and suitable washer on the inside and bolt up your old ball mounting back on.

If its just that either mount point has stripped its threads it probably needs re-threading with a suitable kit and a new ball mounting with a fresh thread fitting to rectify the problem.

It's the mounting point on the inner quarter panel of the car thats the problem. I take it there isn't any quick fix then?
I have swapped the ball mountings around so I have one with fresh threads and I'll try re-threading the quarter panel to see if that solves it. It is just akward as there is hardly and room so tapping it is going to take a while.

Cheers for the advice.
As long as the old thread is in there and not dropped of inside the panel you have a fighting chance of re threading it.

You might find access is improved slightly by pulling the rubber boot seal out of the way.

Last resort for me would be to use some 3M panel bond to secure the ball mount to the panel in the old hole. We use this stuff at work in areas impossible to weld, it sets like rock and is approved stuff, should do the job.

Well I tapped it and its now all sound, only took about 5 mins to sort it. Not sure how much I trust it though so I might use some of that 3M panel bond too just to be safe.

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