Boot Light and other issues


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Mar 20, 2017
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Car is B8 Avant

I've recently noticed that the lights in my boot only seem to come on when the rear hatch is halfway down. it doesn't seem to come on when the hatch is fully open.

I have also noticed that my rear widow demister doesn't work, the switch on the dash works and the light stays for the alloted period of time (wing mirrors heat up too btw), but the windscreen doesn't heat up. Not sure if both issues are related or not. But as the days draw in and the weather gets colder, these are two features are ones i'll need more

Anyone experience the above issues?

Check the fuse for the rear demister, the light on the dash may be completely separate. The fact the boot light illuminates then goes off means it’s getting positive feed, but could be a chaff in the wire? Wiring enters the rear hatch via hinge, I think on the right. Might be worth exploring removing tailgate trim and potentiality headliner trim there. Give wiring visual examination looking for obvious break or chaffing, but multimeter will be key to determine power.