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Boot lid lock issues

FredrikA3 Apr 14, 2015

  1. FredrikA3

    FredrikA3 Registered User

    Hi Guys,

    So, I have two issues.

    1. When the car is un-locked and I try to open the boot lid it opens but sounds like a machine gun. I know the reason is that the lock is just opening multiple times.

    2. If I click the middle button on my keyfob to open the boot while the car is locked it opens the boot, but I cannot pull it up, as it is still locked.

    I am sure that the car have not always behaved that way.

    I had my BCM replaced lately, but have replaced all of the relays. When the BCM was replaced, my car did run out of battery.

    Anyone ever had this type of issue?

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