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Boot leak, water in battery compartment.

teslaboy Nov 25, 2019

  1. teslaboy

    teslaboy Mythos black RS3 8v FL Audi RS3 Audi S3

    Hi all,
    Anyone else had an issue with water leaking in to the boot and collecting in the battery well ?

    I had to replace a wheel nut cap as one had fallen off, the spares were in the boot with the jack and stuff, I lifted up the boot floor and low and behold i could see water droplets over the battery and amplifer plus the boot floor was damp and worse there was a good inch of water sitting in the battery well.

    The last time i had the boot floor up was no more than 2 months ago and i would have noticed water in there albeit it was warmer then so any water may have evaporated, but I'm pretty sure this problem has not been around since new (2yrs). Although this would certainly explain why there appears to have been a lot of condensation in the car i.e widows taking ages to demist.

    Checked the seal around the boot and all looks fine. I've heard that water can get in around the light cluster seals.

    Anyway its going in to Audi tomorrow minus the boot which is now drying indoors.
    Lets see what Audi finds.
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  3. sve170

    sve170 Well-Known Member Audi RS3 Audi S3

    Which model RS, Pre-Facelift, FL 2018, 2019 ?

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  4. DannyRS3

    DannyRS3 Active Member Team Daytona Audi RS3

    It'll be a tail light most likely.
  5. Marshy

    Marshy Settled in Team Sepang Audi RS3

    Yeah taillight seals are a pretty common cause for this.
  6. teslaboy

    teslaboy Mythos black RS3 8v FL Audi RS3 Audi S3

    Its an FL sportback 67plate.

    The garage is saying its the boot lid seal, if its the one i checked i.e tge one around the boot door frame then it looked fine to me.

    I'll get back tomorrow hopefully this fixes it.....watch this space.
  7. teslaboy

    teslaboy Mythos black RS3 8v FL Audi RS3 Audi S3

    All sorted.
    The seal area at the boot locking catch had failed.
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