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Boost Problems

puggsy21 May 3, 2018

  1. puggsy21

    puggsy21 Member

    Asking on behalf of a friend who owns a tt 2002 ARY engine 180bhp. So when he puts his foot down the car starts to boost then its like it has turned the turbo off and dumped what it had then turns back on and boosts up again, if i am very gentle with the power you get the same problem not as bad but it does kind of feel like its hitting a better boost.

    So i wanted to do this for him https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threa...r-ary-engine-and-all-other-a3-engines.122962/ but just want to make sure there is no difference between my friends and that guide

    lastly i got him to buy a new n249 valve as he was shown an error of 17608 which says its the boost pressure valve which is why i changed it for the one he purchased and also changed the n75 but it was only the 17608 that would show up with the handheld scanner

    after changing them parts it still has the same symptoms as above and it still shows the 17608 error after erasing when i replaced with the new one. So thats why i was looking at doing this guide to rule out the n249 being an issue still

    Would anyone have any other suggestions for me to try

    Thanks :)

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