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Boost pressure sensor location

Clarkey9592 Aug 9, 2018

  1. Clarkey9592

    Clarkey9592 New Member

    I have. 2015 a4 b8 2.0 tdi.
    It’s been having issues for a few weeks going into limp mode. Eml and flashing glow plug light. It went into Audi for a recall so they diagnosed the fault at the same time and tell me it’s the boost pressure sensor however they want nearly £400 to supply and fit.
    I can buy the part for £55 and I’ll have a go at it myself.

    Can anyone give me some insight into the location of the boost pressure sensor or a diagram.

    Any info is much appreciated.
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  3. Glen Douglas

    Glen Douglas New Member

    Hi mate,

    May I ask what the recall was for? I'm in a similar position with my 2015 C7 A6. Mine had a DPF failure, now I'm also getting an EML and flashing glow plug light followed by a P0236 - Turbocharger boost censor A Circuit range performance, as far as I can tell there is a boost pressure sensor on a metal bracket attached to the inlet manifold, can't really miss it, it's on the passenger side. Reason why I think it may be this one is because apparently there was a wright up on another forum about these failing, could worth checking to see if this is the one they are referring to. Is your car permanently in limp mode or is it intermittent?

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