boost loss

mad max

sixth gear
driving the car too work today went to overtake someone when all of a sudden loose all boost battery light comes up and the car feels like its going to conk out .so i pull into a laybye lift the the bonnet and find the hose from the right hand intercooler has come i re-connect it tighten up the circlip with a screwdriver jump back in and she seems fine.coming home tonight though i have convinced myself the car is not running as well as it should, feels down on power.could this have caused another problem to occur like car in limp mode ?


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You could have tripped something. It must be serious in the ECUs mind as a soft limp would clear with cycling of the ignition. I used to have an intermittent boost leak on my Leon Cupra went it was cold that would do that.

Don't get overly concerned though. The ECU is programmed to protect the engine from the man on the street, by keeping the power down, MOTS will go to a dealer. An enthusiast like yourself will have ago at fixing it himself.

I would have a look at the boost pipe again and make sure it is on straight. After that then you need to VAG-COM it for codes.

Scan it and go from there.