Boost issue 1.9tdi VCDS log graph help please


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Hi I have a boost issue with my 1.9tdi

Here is the vcds log graph from today.

this was a 3rd gear run

I dont know what it actually means but the car is really laggy and just not as it should be

ANY help appreciated thanks


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Just to update this thread.

I have tried pretty much everything and couldn't find the cause of this low boost issue.

I have vcds & mpps which I previously put a blacksmoke remap on my old golf tdi. Decided to read the map from my ecu & put it into VAGEDCsuite to actually see what the map was actually doing as it gives you a nice little graph in there.

Couldn't believe it, whoever had mapping it previously had put the worst map ever on the car, basically it was asking for no power before 2300 rpm then a vertical torque curve .

Surprised the turbo hadn't exploded.

I managed to put a standard map on it yesterday just to check this out and it drove OK (well slow compared to what I was used to)

Bit the bullet today & purchased a blacksmoke remap & put it on. Car feels brilliant now, nice & responsive and low down boost.

Glad I've got to the bottom of it

Just the starting issue to get fixed now


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Just had a look at the Custom Code map I had on my 1.9 AWX and the Power and Torque numbers are almost identical, and I found that to be a very good map.

I think the problem is that the bottom end feels laggy because when the turbo does spool the car just takes off. A Black smoke map doesn't really give you much more bottom end it's just that the car accelerates more linearly so there isn't the on/off response.
This is from a Blacksmoke map for a 130 PD.

The Blacksmoke is a generic one fits all map that should work without any issues on nearly all cars.
The power map shown above is not always representative of what you actually get though.
With the first one clearly you are not going to get 208bhp out of a 130pd with a standard turbo. Those curves are calculated using the torque limiter values. If the smoke limiter is less than the torque you end up with a smaller amount of fuel injected.
The top map uses the smoke limiter to control fuel across most of the RPM range, and the torque limiter values are a lot higher thus the 208bhp peak. When in actual fact you are more likly to get 175bhp ish.


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I really wish I had a better understanding of maps & tuning, I think Im going to get my head into learning about it this year, I really need to I think.

Yes that top map looks surprisingly similar, Im thinking of upgrading to a 150pd turbo soon anyway so it might suit it a lot better.

heres the blacksmoke one I purchased today