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Mar 3, 2013
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Hi there, what is the best boost gauge (most accurate) for a 140 2.0 tdi 8p.
Are they all universal? And how hard to fit?? Cheers
Are they all universal? And how hard to fit?? Cheers
Varying sizes of dial,and colours etc,and you need some sort of mounting for it,plus a power feed and a boost tap from the manifold.
I see! Who's has fitted one on a 2.0 tdi here? If so how hard was it?
if fitted ne mate

you need to run a pipe front a boost pipe in the engine bay , i used a self sealing tail that screws into the original rubber turbo hose, run the pipe from there to the dash, i have a newsouth pop above the steering wheel which mounts the gauge , i then got my inition live from a spear in the fuse box

easy to do mate hardest art is running the pipe through
What you could consider is: ODB Elm dongle had for about £8 plus Android Torque App and Android phone It's what I use.
Thus no mods and it's up and running with in mins.
Cheers for the feedback guys! Doesn't look to hard to run a pipe from the turbo hose to the dash! So U guys run a pillar pod or dash pod?? Thanks
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Mine sat on dash, beside the A pillar.
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