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Boom resonating sound at 2000 rpm

Daryl111 Nov 5, 2018

  1. Daryl111

    Daryl111 New Member

    Hi everyone, I’m new. I brought my 2.0 tdi TT Quattro about 6 months ago and I ****** love it.. until around 6 weeks ago that is now I’m pulling my hair out.. and there’s not a lot left... I’ve started getting a booming sound at 2000 rpm on acceleration.. I can creep past it to around 2400 then the sound goes away, the harder I accelerate the louder it gets.. I’ve taken it to a garage and they have had a look but couldn’t find anything apart from a small hole in the exhaust which was fixed.. I’m now getting a ticking sound in low revs. It only lasts a few seconds until normal revs are reached and only changing from first to second gear... I get this booming sounds at 2000rpm in any gear I’m in.. it also happens if my rpm is too low for the gear I’m in..does any one have any ideas before I’m totally bold thanks

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