Booked the car in for a Terra Clean

High mileage. I've seen the piston tops and I believe my oil rings are sticking. Previous owner plodding along. I'm using a litre of oil every 500 miles.

Just thought it was worth a punt.
Did u get the Terra clean done, if so did it help in anyway?
as i am thing of getting it done as well
I've had this done this morning. Difficult to spot any differences. Time will tell if it's helped my oil usage.
It's definitely smoother on tickover and feels a little more responsive. I clocked a 4.5 to 60 and that's with 26 °C outside temps.
If this hasn't worked then I think I will try the hydrogen clean.

Sounds as though it has done a little, but like u said time will tell i may get mine booked in as well