Bonnet catch wont open !


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after pulling the release catch in the front grille the bonnet stil wont open, seems like the catch does not come back far enough ! anyone else had this problem ?

when i finally get the bonnet open will i need a new catch mechanism or will cleaning and re-greasing sort out the problem ?

scott b

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get a second person to pull/push the bonnet when you pull the catch, mine was vert stiff when i first got the car, plenty of wd40 should do the trick


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****** thing still wont open !


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If I remember rightly mine was stiff once. I had to get my girlfriend to bend over the bonnet in front of me with her fingers in it while I thrust it back and forth quite forcefully. Eventually it popped. Lube helped.


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hahahaha you bad boy you lol

thinking about it we could all do with santa making all of our bonntets stick shut and are ladys helping out as above :eyebrows:
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still can not open it :banghead:

im now thinking if i can get the front grille off so i can move the bonnet catch over with my fingers ?


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about f in time ! ive got it open after getting a little angry with the blighter !

after cleaning mechanisum and giving it plenty of lube all seem ok :sm4:

thanks scott :icon_thumright: