Bodywork Corrosion Warranty Claim - Rust?

I've not long had my 2001 S3 and noticed that I've got some paint starting to bubble at the front of the rear wheel arches.

There is no damage to the paint on the surface so it seems its coming through from the inside.

My warranty book says "12-year warranty against through rusting of the body panels from the inside".

So I'm pretty sure this is covered. Anybody tried a similar warranty claim?

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Theres a sticky at the top of tis page.

my car is in the with their specialist at the moment.
Give your local audi a call, they wil more than likely send you too there authorised repair centre, who will then look at the corrosion, and check the paint depth with a paint gauge.
if it has never been been pained before then all should be fine. Audi will then authorise the repairs within about a week.

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Apologies if i keep missing letters out of my typing, keyboard is on its last legs!!!
Cheers. I've read the sticky but the pics in that have rust patches, whereas mine is just some slight bubling.

Anyways, glad you've had a good experience and I'll phone first instead of a wasted trip if they're only going to send me to an authorised repair centre.

I'm surpised they didn't use your body kit as an excuse not to do the warranty work!


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You'll need to see them first mate not over the phone, as the dealer makes the assessment and sends it off to audi-uk.
Unusual for it to go on the arches, audi will tell you whether its already been resprayed, if that panel hasnt got original paint on then its bad news im afraid.

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Thats the way Ipswich audi Do it apparently, they sent me direct to Mannick auto Colission in Colchester.
The rust on my wheel arch was from a previous repair apparently. but theyre doing it ungauranteed.

The body kit doesnt effect any painted metal panels, its just replaces the black plastic trim the side skirts are just glued on.
Thats what I thought, haven't seen any other threads about rust bubbles on arches, but its happening on both arches, so I doubt they've both been resprayed - hope not anyway!
I think I'll visit Audi tomorrow after work...

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it might be from small stone chips, along the wheel arch allowing water to get under the paint and cause corrosion, which i dont think is covered. the warranty is only for rust that comes up under the paint.
I know what you mean, but the paint work around that area is fine.
Anyway I just got back from my local Audi dealer who are submitting the claim and expect to have a response by Friday. Very friendly and helpful so far...
Audi have rejected the claim. Audi head office say its not corrosion so isn't covered under the warranty. Amazing really since they didn't see the car or even a picture of the affected paint work.
I've shown it to someone I know who sprays tvrs and he reckons its corrosion from the inside of the bodywork, so I'm taking it to the bodyshop that my local Audi dealer uses to see what they think. I hoping if they aggree its corrosion Audi can't argue it.