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BMW z3 M Coupe?


German Hardcore
Never been a fan of this 1, always thought it looked a bit like a squashed 3 series touring, love the z1 though...


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I've always thought they look a bit gammy. And how wide are those tyres!


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Looks a bit like a Reliant scimiter in my opinion.

A mate of mine has got a blue 1. 1 of my other mates had a red 1 a while ago. It was an ex-BMW show car. They used it in some photo shoots whilst he had it so get plenty of freebies & cheap services:)

He's got an RS6 now as it's more practical with having kids etc. He had a M3 SMG & 911 Carrera 4 between having Z3M Coupe & RS6. He says the Z3M was the most fun to drive. Got the most attention also.



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I've taken out both a Z3M coupe and a Z4M for long weekends and they are both fantastic cars. The Z3 had a real old fashion feel, not that well built especially inside e.g compared with Audi but fun, very stiff chassis, amazing box and ratios and THE car to make other road users hate the way you're driving. It brought out the worst in me! It was just so responsive. I thought it was really thirsty until I realised it has a tiny tank. The Z4 is much more 'designer' & a better looking car, yes it is! I borrowed a white one, lovely car and not a big showey head turner. Quite comfy seats and superb driving position but very hard ride in both Z's. I had the Z4M when my partner was 7 months pregnant and she didnt really apreciate the finer points of the cars handling etc. I'd love to own either. Why aren't I saying how I'd love an Audi? I'd have an A4RS Avant over any BMW. The best, and a car you can easily put a child seat in the back.


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Uncool I'm afraid. I'm in no doubt the car is superb but the BMW just has a stigma surrounding it. I know when I had my 3 series I felt I was loathed by more road users than in any other car I've owned/driven.


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Oranoco said:
I know when I had my 3 series I felt I was loathed by more road users than in any other car I've owned/driven.
I dont care what people think,let em stare.
Z3M is a very cool car but is sure is abit ugly.


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that should be illegal to bastardize a beautiful car
would be no different than making a TT station wagon


forced to complain
It's cool.

Because lots of people don't like it, because it's not good-looking but it doesn't care.

If you bought one, you bought it to drive. Because you sure aren't going to be impressing anybody. It's anti-flash.


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just another ugly-car that BMW has produced