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bmw m535i e12


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i have owned two of these many years ago,this pioneer paved the way for many more exciting products from bmw the follow up being the e28 b9 and 10 alpina.the first e12M i bought ran it for a couple of years then i sold to a good freind of mine and he still has the car today and it is still as good as the day i sold it 17 years ago.


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Any pics? not sure what a 535e12 is?


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The one at the front.


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mine was in black with ONU 404J registration wich was taken off a paper blue vauxhall viva so we could run round with black and silver plates on it just to add to the mystery i also cleaned up the ports matched the inlet manifold and throttle body then +2mm butterfly and straight through exhaust with just a genuine backbox and fitted a schrick cam this is the one my freind still has,and the other m535i i bought was just to repair and sell on it was silver and registered FRV 616 X it had a bad missfire so i rebuilt the cylinder head and then found a bad earth on the engine management wich bmw failed to find then a good freind of mine made it look like it had an early ur quattro body mod by making all steel panels to give it that wide look flat wheel arches wich came out from the top swage line,this was sold years ago to someone in the sheffield rotherham area


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I drove a new one about when they came out, m535. It was silver had recaro's and was only made for about2 years if that, they have smaller back lights than later 535. They didn't have the best rust protection so any now are worth a lot that's if you can find one. You could specify a rear boot spoiler, very tail happy and tons of wheelspin, great.