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Bluetooth wiring

Hishy1 Sep 10, 2016

  1. Hishy1

    Hishy1 New Member

    Hey guys,

    just wanted some advice, i couldn't find much info in regards to changing SDS wiring loom into a normal one, only vice versa.

    Basically i bought the BT off one of the guys on this forum a while back, but he had SDS function in his car, however i don't. So since I've bought it i haven't had my BT working since the mic won't work at all, although everything else with the BT works fine. i am pretty confident that it down to this wiring. It looks to me as thought the wiring loom hasn't been changed and has been bought as a SDS loom. so is it easier for me to;

    a) do the SDS hack on my RNSe (although I've heard of potential bricking etc)
    b) somehow rewire this loom into a normal loom - I've tried just making sure there is a connection between the crimped ends of pins 1&7 and 4&10 but no luck!
    c) buy a new BT loom for non SDS

    if anyone could give me a lil helping hand, i'd appreciate it a lot!

    thanks :)

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