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Thanks guys, after so many failed attempts, I have to shout it outloud... IT WORKS!!:footy:

VCDS, 77-Telephone, 10-Adaptation, Channel 134, bit 1 to 0, or even 0 to 1 and then back to 0, Test, Save.
Works immediately. Just tried it on my 2007 Q7 and on wife's 2006 A6.

Made calls from both cars without a hitch:)

I have an issue swith my Q7 MMI and i thisnk it the
If when you press the TEL button the MMI says "Telephone not installed" then you don't have bluetooth or it is fauty, if it says anything else then you have bluetooth.

Comms pack means you have bluetooth.

Pairing is simple, put the key in the ignition and turn the key so the dash lights up.

Search from your phone for the car in the bluetooth page (depending on phone the procedure vaires)

When you find Audi UHVxxxx try and pair to it using the code 1234

When paired it should automatically connect every time, some phones you do have to allows access by setting the car as trusted on the phone.

I have an issue with my Q7 MMI and i think it the
I have MMI issues and the radio/CD etc cut out every few seconds

i think it a Bluetooth module and i want to bypass it until i replace it
can you please let me know where it is? my car is LHD and i removed the passenger seat and i only say teh battery but not the module

can you please help?



Jesper Bloch

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Hello, just reach the status of being the proud owner of a Q7 2007.
Are all Q7´s equipped with harness prepared for adding a original Blue tooth module located under the right front seat ?

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no they are not
Hi Craig,
I have come across you on the vcds user map. It states you are a retrofitter and vcds user. I have been trying to send you a message, however everytime I click your tag the send message option does not appear.
If you see this message, is it possible for you to send me some contact information?
Thank you

Apologies for hijacking thread.


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Yeah I dont do this stuff anymore. I Have a real job since the bottom fell out of the market for retrofit.


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In the 15 years since 2004 that I have been working on Audi cars I have only ever seen one cable already in place and that was for a phone holder under the armrest. Check away if you like but it will not be there.