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Bluetooth module - phone prep help

Gregsy Dec 11, 2018

  1. Gregsy

    Gregsy Gregsy

    Hi all.

    I bought myself a 2010 S4 Avant a couple of weeks ago. I've moved on from Imprezas and I'm very happy with the Audi. Everything's an upgrade from the Imprezas, (I'm not sure about the handling yet as I haven't thrown it around yet like I did with the scoobys).

    I need some assistance adding a bluetooth module. I'm not sure what system I have as I keep finding conflicting info.

    I think I have a Symphony III (3) head unit. It says Symphony on the front, has a dash mounted 6 CD changer, 1 SD card slot at the bottom left and power/volume button at the top left. Colour screen up on the dash. No navigation. Heater controls underneath. There's a Aux input in the arm rest but nothing in the glovebox.

    Like the attached picture (not mine but identical). Some sites say this is MMI and others non-MMI, which is correct?

    Photo from my car screen attached:

    The steering wheel has a menu and scroll wheel on the left and voice and scroll wheel on the right.

    When I press the Tel button the screen says no Telephone prep installed. I'd like to install the OEM equipment with overhead mic. I can do the installation myself.

    What would be the part numbers for the OEM module, mic and cables please.

    Would this need to be coded? I have the Carista dongle with pro app, would this be able to code the unit? If not can it only be done with VCDS?

    I'd like to keep it OEM so I get everything to display properly on the screens.

    Whats the best alternative if I can't find an OEM unit?

    Thanks for the help. I know this has been asked before but I can't seem to filter through all the conflicting info.


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  3. rum4mo

    rum4mo Registered User

    That car does not have MMI just Symphony which is Concert radio plus CD changer.

    One other thing if you are interested, I've not checked that p/n but I'd think that your Symphony does not have DAB, I added that to my early 2011 S4 by buying a used Concert radio with DAB and adding an extra aerial lead and a used DAB Audi aerial, so now it is the same as a factory fitted DAB system.

    Anyway, back to Bluetooth, have you looked for any evidence that that car has/has not already got Bluetooth built into it? Maybe when using my Carista dongle in my S4 I enabled Bluetooth on my iPhone and found an Audi Bluetooth device as well as my Carista dongle - I eventually worked out that my car had telephone prep fitted at factory, but I've never ever used it. If you are intending to use Bluetooth for sourcing audio stuff then maybe there is another aftermarket way to do this, these Concert and so Symphony radios can only handle a single auxiliary input, so as your car has already been wired for aux input with that lead in the centre console, I think that you will either need to unplug that lead at source at the rear of the radio, or buy a special aftermarket lead that connects to the Audi auxiliary input socket. Maybe search on this forum, there is also an ICE section elsewhere in this forum.

    Edit:- Telephone module in my car is 8T0 862 335 E and I think that Bluetooth is within that module.

    Another Edit:- have you tried looking at the Kufatec and CarSystems websites to see if they offer cabling to do this?

    Yet Another Edit:- stuffing that part number into Google returns a few interesting results, not only pointing to used ones for sale but links to forums etc about this sort of upgrade.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
  4. Gregsy

    Gregsy Gregsy

    Thanks Rum4mo,

    I've still been digging around trying to decipher all the info. Some sites say this is MMI, I think they are confusing the screen with NAV so mine would just be called AIS?

    I didn't find any bluetooth signals when connecting to Carista, I had a look in the overhead holes to see if a mic was present but it looked empty. I'd like to get the OEM equipment as I'd use it more for calls, I could use a cheap bluetooth receiver to the aux port for streaming but I'd like full integration.

    I think the part numbers I need are:
    8T0862336 module
    8L1862373A mic

    Can anyone confirm if these are correct (I've left the module revision letter off).

    I still need to find the part number for the antenna and loom/cable. Can anybody list these?

  5. Stonefish

    Stonefish Registered User

    When I did mine I used a 8T0 862 335E and I think I used this microphone 4L1 035 711B. Both these I bought from eBay. I did build my own wiring loom because I am a tightwad, but kufatec.co.uk do a wiring loom for around £50.

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