Bluetooth Media playback from Android (YouTube Music)


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Jul 14, 2014
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Evening All, looking to see if anyone has had similar experiences playing back music from YouTube music (downloaded songs) over Bluetooth with MIB3.

So when stationary engine off just ignition on I can view the file structure of my downloaded music folder under YouTube music via the MMI and select albums and start playback. The moment I fire the engine up the folder disappears if I have already started to play music it will carry on playing but it wont show me any other tracks within the album, I can skip forward and get to the next track and receive Metadata but if I want to change an Album I cant.

Further to the above if I start the car with the Radio switched on the MMI cant even find the Audio source via Bluetooth, it just hangs searching even though the phone function works as expected with the same phone.

I'm not sure if its an Audi MMI thing or a Bluetooth on the phone thing, almost seems to be they have decided I cant look at folder while the engine is running (forcing me to need to use the phone instead which I obviously cant. I can try android auto instead but prefer the maps from the MMI and feel like I would be doing exactly the same as via the bluetooth menu, anyone have similar experiences?
Love the convenience of Bluetooth media playback on Android with YouTube Music! Seamless connection to my headphones, and I can easily switch tracks and control volume without reaching for my phone. Makes my daily commute a musical delight.