Bluetooth & Ipod/iphone Audi A4 S Line 170 Tdi B7 Se


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Hi wanting to put bluetooth and have a iphone and aux ect to listen to music through my car, I've seen this on eBay I've emailed them and they said it will fit ect but wanted to know peoples opinions of it, or is there something better? I don't want to be spending stupid money this is £150, thanks

Dension Gateway Pro BT GWP1AC2 - Audi with CAN-bus (ISO)
With the GATEWAY Pro BT you can retrofit your vehicle an iPod interface, a USB port and a Bluetooth ® interface and the. While maintaining your factory car radio or navigation system


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This is a great bit of kit.
Go on youtube to see it working and installed. I have the Dension without the BT as I don't stream music but use the usb with a hardrive as well as an ipod hidden under my dash. My phone bluetooth throuhg my normal telephone module on my car (A8). I am not dissapointed with the Dension at all and the search facility for music is really good with many options.