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BLOWN away with this Audi A2 3-cylinder 1.4 TDi!

45bvtc Jan 26, 2015

  1. 45bvtc

    45bvtc The Older I Get The Better I Was Supporter Gold Supporter

    The Audi A2 1.4 Tdi (90bhp)

    Now I already own an RS3 and an 2.0 TFSi DSG Audi TT roadster...

    BLOWN away with this Audi A2 3-cylinder 1.4 TDi! What a machine! What a laugh...

    We've had a 1.6FSI A2 before and loved it; the versatility, handling, braking, etc., just amazing. But we're now into an RS3 and a 2.0 TFSi TT ragtop; both magic cars, make no mistake.

    But we now need an easy (hospital) park, no worries car. Looked at a new Yeti, Golf, Polo, Fabia, etc., and then thought, how about an A2? Had a look on Pistonheads and there's a 54plate/81K A2 @ £4250 with FULL Stafford Audi Service history 7-miles away; let's go look.

    A quick look, no dents but as per usual rusty brakes, followed by a blast up the road (lots of smoke so local drives only...) and £4k - to include a complete service and MOT with Stafford Audi - is agreed.

    Now I'm a tad more particular than our local Audi Dealership so a new set of brake discs and pads, and a set of winter tyres ordered. Along with a new battery (not really necessary) and some 12-hours of TLC and I'm still laughing.

    I can't get this thing below 48mpg; and I'm trying, lots. I can't drive the RS3 and/or TT this hard! The A2 is truly go-kart like!

    Whatever you drive, whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever you buy; take a good hard look at an Audi A2 1.4 (90bhp) Tdi - and tell me it ain't funny...

    P1000515x.jpg P1000523x.jpg


    PS: Audi lost £4000 on each and every one....
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2015
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  3. BaileyA3

    BaileyA3 Registered User

    Looks nice and clean mate and must be good if you rate it as highly as you do considering the other two lovely cars you've got in the garage.
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  4. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Looks nice John. The wife has a 55 plate Yaris 1.4D and that has averaged nearly 61mpg over the last 56K miles. It's done nearly a 100K miles now and still going strong, that is a 75bhp engine with a tuning box that takes it to about 95 bhp which has been on the car over 4 years.Doesn't seem to matter what you do it's always around 60mpg. The worst it's ever done is 56mpg over a tank, the best 66mpg.
    If you want a little extra out of the A2 I could map it for you economy. performance or a bit of both.

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  5. 45bvtc

    45bvtc The Older I Get The Better I Was Supporter Gold Supporter

    Still laughing - and haven't driven the RS3 and/or TT since Suzy arrived...

    NOW, this A2 is 10-years old with 81K on the clock and arrived 3-days ago. OK, I've given her some TLC, but not so much: take a look...

    P1020113x.jpg P1020107x.jpg P1020105x.jpg P1020106x.jpg

    £4000 - with FULL Stafford Audi history - it's MAD! :jump:

    OK, I've added a set of refurbished wheels and a set of NEW tyres, plus EBC discs and brakes front and rear, that's maybe 25-hours of TLC.

    But this thing is MANIC: showed 107mpg @ 60mph on the M6 yesterday... :jester:

    £160 fully comp for us both and £30 tax...:uhm:

  6. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Man

    I've always thought the A2 was a wonderful piece of design. The last truly innovative thing Audi has done. Everything it has released since has been safe and a bit unimaginative.
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  7. 45bvtc

    45bvtc The Older I Get The Better I Was Supporter Gold Supporter

    I agree with you 100% you "Grumpy old Moderator". We've an RS3 (BLUEY) and a TT 2.0 DSG ragtop (SANDY) and this A2 thing (SUZY) has had us laughing more over the past 4-days than anything else I can remember. OK, ok, so the RS3 had me shakin' not laughing; but this A2 puts ALL of the other modern Audi's into perspective i.e., the ability of the RS7 and other RS cars to show 150mph again and again on wet public roads is ridiculous; ahem, I'm NOT admitting to that... And other than the push in the back and/or speed readout they just don't excite - me.

    This A2 at 70mph down duckin' and a'divin' B-roads, however, don't half excite...
    I do miss the DSG gearbox mind; have to keep thinking: clutch, clutch, clutch... :jump: ***kin' clutch......
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  8. G111MDS

    G111MDS Registered User

    very nice A2!! i'm currenlty on the search for my 3rd one.
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  9. 45bvtc

    45bvtc The Older I Get The Better I Was Supporter Gold Supporter

    25-days on BallyA3 and now Suzy is doing the M6 runs at 70+ mph and returning 53mpg overall; and I'm still enjoying the drive, what a cracking motor car, I'm thinking its a keeper... :thumbs up:

    At a steady 90mph it's quieter that our RS3 and or TT: what's not to like about these things? :applaus:

    And good luck to G111MDS, now searching for his THIRD Audi A2... :kissmyrings:
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