Bleeding Power Steering Fluid?


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Same as any other car... top up fluid, turn steering wheel from lock to lock a couple of times... job done... simples :)



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Yeah the same just found this in the guide

Raise the wheels off the ground top off fluid
Turn the wheels lock to lock 10 times with engine off
Lower car, top off fluid
Start car and trun the wheels lock to lock 10 times
Top off fluid
Any air left in there should bleed out in 6-12 miles of driving
Not sure if its the same, but i changed the fluid a few times on my old bmw and on our lasses bmw, i just broke away one of the hyrauilic unions from the rack and let it drain away. tightened and topped up, (while front end still in the air) done the above (lock to lock) topped up and sorted, just remember after your first spin round the block with it to check the fluid and underneath for leaks.


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i did this recently when I fitted a TT rack to my A3, just fired it up whilst it as still on stands, and went lock to lock about 10 times, when the fluid stopped going down it was done :)