bleeding brakes on s3


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hi all, i got an s3 with spongy brakes, it hade bin standing a bit, me and my m8 are going to bleed the brakes and free the capilars if there stuck, sum1 has said that i might have to blead the 2 IIRC nipples on the master cylinder, wot and where are there the 2 IIRC nipples? the brakes are proper spongy and it feel like it only braking on servo brakes, there are no abs or warning lights on the dash. thanks....


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IIRC = If I Recall Correctly...

The 2 nipples in question are on the master cylinder and need a 7mm spanner or deep socket to undo...

When bleeding the brakes on an S3 'DO NOT' use the pump the pedal method as this can damage the master cylinder seals... use a pressure bleeder such as the Gunsons Eezi Bleed

One last thing, please could I direct you to this... makes your posts a little easier to read :)