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MikeeMac Mar 22, 2004

  1. MikeeMac

    MikeeMac New Member

    I wanted to tell u guys about a company i use for tinting windows.. there in St Albans... and there Abolutly superb!!!

    they tinted my BMW.. and they will be doing my A3 when i get it too!!

    The guys name is Martin.. and the company is very fast at what they do!!

    His personal Number is 07850 836 165.
    if u call just say u got his number from Lloydie or Mikee up in Milton Keynes... He know's Lloydie alot longer than me.. so if u say Lloydie first he'll come round straight away!.. he'll charge between 150 and 200 bucks for full tint with any arrangement of tints... like darker at the back than on the front... my bimma was 190 quid to tint all round.. and an A3 would cost like 150 - 170.. depending on the tint u want!!

    For the price and the quality of the job u get.. they are WICKED!!!

    Check them out guys..



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