Black Wheels - First Clean Before Sealing - Advice Needed


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Hi - Picked up my new TT last week which came with Anthracite Black Rotors with Diamond Cut faces. Want to get these sealed ASAP as already covered in a brake dust but not sure best way to prep them as never had painted wheels before.

Was thinking of BH ph neutral wheel cleaner but read a couple of reviews this morning saying it had dulled the black paint. Don’t want to do any damage on my first clean so any suggestions on best products to use greatly appreciated



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Depends what you mean by seal? If a ceramic coating I would clean with wheel cleaner, fallout remover, tar remover, clay bar (if needed), polish (if required) and then a final shampoo. Dry and panel wipe before applying ceramic coating.

These are the steps I took when coating both sets of my wheels and parents A6 wheels

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Let's see a picture of those lovely black wheels then !!


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It’s not stopped raining since I picked the car up so have not been able to do much so far but did manage to tAke a couple of pics when I went out today


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Now I do like that, really nice mate. Looking forward to more of your detailing shots :icon thumright: