black specks on paintwork

Hi guys

I was washing my a3 Y reg today, got it a month back. I noticed these little black specks on the paintwork. I cant get them off with shampoo and a sponge...

Any ideas what they are... Most of them are near the front wheel arches which makes me think its perhaps breakdust on my paint...

Is there anything I can use which wont damage the paintwork but get these buggers off !!!

Thanks alot

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It'll be road tar, rubber and all the horrible stuff that sticks to the paint over the winter months.

Get some Meguiars Quick Clay and see them disappear!


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yep, got them on my car too, have ordered the clay mentioned above to get rid of them.


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look for the plished bliss logo in this detailing forum - on their website they wil have instructions on how to use the clay and spray lubricant with it and you can buy it from them. Read the instructions carefully.
You will end up usiong it all over the car to remove difficul to see road grime which has built up - the website has detailed guides on using it and other methods of detailing the car - very very useful.


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you can also buy it from halfords mate if u dont fancy P+P etc.
just a quick word of advice while your buying the clay u might want to invest in a washmitt to replace the sponge as the sponge creates swirl mark and scratches on your paintwork

good that you told me this..

So what sort of washmitt do I look for ? made of what material ?

I'm going to go to halfords next week.. so I'll pick up some bits then

Thanks alot



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As mentioned in an earlier post log onto the detailing world website and there are few companies I use regularly for my car cleaning stuff. The stuff you get from these companies are far more advance then what you'l pick up from halfords. I use halfords only for my zymol car shampoo at 5.99 its a bargain. yeah try and or - if ordering on-line sub in dw1 as a code on checkout and you'l get a 5% discount - good luck


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is the dw1 code for 'cleanandshiney' as just about to order lots of things from them ?
didnt see any space of the checkout page to input a code ?
would be nice to have a discount
Clark@Polishedbliss said:
make sure you buy decent quality lambswool ones such as meguiars etc :)
That's what I did after getting into this very interesting section of ASN, and the Megs mitt is just brilliant - glides over the bodywork. Does get a bit heavy though with all the water, but I suppose my biceps will get bigger as a result.

Also bought a microfibre towel as well; again, much easier and smoother than a chamois.

Keep the pics coming Clark - I love reading about your work! :)


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i feel you pain im in london
so im resigned to my polish friends


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Don't waste your clay bar on tar. I'd use a tar remover first such as AG Tar and Glue remover and then clay.