Black Smoke Cloud at take of from lights V6 TDI


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Whenever I try and get of in a hurry at the lights I leave an embarrisingly large black cloud behind me !
Otherwise car seems fine - it passed the MOT emissions OK last month and the MPG is acceptable - but not that good anyway on the V6.
My thoughts are Piston Wear or Injectors needing new nossels.

I think this is happening all the time but maybe as I do lots of short journeys at slow speeds it could just be a soot build up.

It's the 150BHP V6 on a facelift B5 with 88K miles

Any thoughts much appreciated.



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Could be down to the use and style of driving?

Try checking the pump timing on VAG com to be sure. In basic settings, TDI graph, select your engine code, it will display a upper and lower scale, the timing should be in the middle. If you need to adjust the pump timing it is very easy.

Not sometimes done correctly on a cam belt service.


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I've got a '97 1.9tdi. If I boot it from a standstill it pumps out a bit of smoke. The tdi's always build up a bit of soot from normal running in the exhaust system, this combined with more fuel being squirted through usually makes for a ploom of smoke. I take pride in leaving some nova 1.2 bucket in a cloud of smoke:eyebrows:...


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is it only on acceleration, or present during normal running? I had plumes of smoke coming out of exhaust on my 2.5 tdi v6 - present during normal running, once engine was hot. Mine turned out to be crankcase breather filter needed replacing, awkward job as well, as its down in the valley of cylinders V. Try taking the oil filler cap off with engine running. If it releases like a champagne cork, then its the breather filter