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Black ring sizing

Andyl57 Jan 31, 2019

  1. Andyl57

    Andyl57 New Member Gold Supporter

    Im sure this has been asked many times before. I’m thinking of losing the chrome badges on the tailgate, plus swapping out the rings for gloss black front & rear. I’ve read that Fresh Mods UK are a good supplier of quality replacements, I’ve messaged them and enquired, they’re out of stock at the moment but have asked that I measure the rings because they have some loose ones in stock. I know the sizes are definitely different to my old B6 but aren’t all B8 /8.5 rings the same size?
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  3. feva

    feva Registered User

    I've changed mine to all gloss black. The first set I received off eBay for the grill were far too small. Sent back for a refund and measured and re-measured, order again from a different seller perfect fit. Iirc the rear one I've got is slightly smaller than the original silver.

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