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Q5 Black optics pack???

soldier4313 Mar 24, 2018

  1. soldier4313

    soldier4313 A4 Avant B9 2.0 Tdi

    So last year I decided to change my decisions and buy a Skoda Kodiaq, before everyone shoots me down this car is amazing by far the best car I have ever owned apart from one problem the badge!!!!

    So, I’ve decided to go back to Audi and buy a Q5. I live out on Germany and get my cars tax free and get a fair discount on top of the 20% tax.

    I am looking at the 2.0 petrol SLine with the following options

    20” wheels
    Daytona grey
    Flat bottom wheel
    Extended light pack
    Folding mirrors
    Storage pack

    Coming in about £34k my only issue is that on the german Audi site you can buy the black optics pack and here you can’t!

    Does anyone know if the black optics pack is coming to the uk ?
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  3. Kuku

    Kuku Active Member

    Audi UK have been notoriously bad at releasing black optics packs on the newer cars whereas Germany have done from launch / a lot sooner.

    Saw it with the Q7 & A4 launches.

    Being so close to MY19 switchover at around the end of May (Wk22) from memory - presume this is where we will see any spec changes and new options launched.
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  4. sschwar2

    sschwar2 New Member

    For what it is worth, I purchased a 2015 Q7 a few years ago. I just had all the chrome wrapped glossy black. Looks so much better. Cost only a few hundred US dollars. Granted, not the same but the same look in the end.

    My only worry is the roof rack bars. I don’t use them to date, but if I ever use them in the future I’m not sure how the vinyl wrap will hold up with the rack clips going on it. May be totally fine or it may get dinged up a bit.
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