Black Edition wheels?


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Hi all.
I’m about to buy a 2015> A7 Black Edition. I was under the impression that as standard equipment, they came with the Rotor 21” wheels. I’ve seen a few with 20” non Rotors, similar to the S-Line or S7 alloys… any ideas? One of the ones I’ve found locally, the dealer insists they’re the correct ones.
Any input much appreciated.


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21 rotors were an optional extra as far as I'm aware. They had multiple designs on offer, so realistically you could have many 'original' variants.

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One thing you could do is grab the sticker in the boot with all the PR codes and look them up. Pretty sure one of them is the one identifying what set came with the car - I believe it should be PQ3

My black edition (2015) did come with the 21" rotors. Looking at the brochure, it does confirm the rotors were standard.

Black Edition
Specification in addition or replacement to A7 Sportback S line
Black Edition Wheels ► 21” x 9J ‘5-arm-Rotor’ design matt titanium-look alloy wheels with 275/30 R21 tyres

Again looking at the brochure, the A7 did not have 20" rotors as an option. Only 20" across the A7 range seem to be:

PQG : 9J 5-twin spoke design
PQK : 10 Spoke Y design
PRD: 5-Spoke W design with contrasting grey partly polished (I assume this is diamond cut)
PRC: 5 Spoke W Design
PRJ: 5-parallel spoke star design
PQH: 5-twin spoke matt titanium-look alloy wheels, gloss turned finish (these were an option on the BE)
PQN: 5-spoke blade design (Could be these as these were an option on the BE)


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Thanks for the responses. Here are the alloys it has.
Good shout on the spec sticker, I’ll get on that.


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Thanks for the responses. Here are the alloys it has.
Good shout on the spec sticker, I’ll get on that.
View attachment 245229

Those are PQH 20"x9 '5-twin-spoke' matt titanium look

Black edition was spec'd up with the 21" PQW see below. I prefer the PQH though.


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Yup as per above, they're the PQH.
Again looking at the brochure, this was an option on the Black Edition so chances are it was just specced that way
Other signs of the BE is the bose sound system, privacy glass, obviously the lack of chrome though the picture does show this, flat bottom steering wheel, piano black interior.

I >think< you can also add the VIN if you can grab it to the my audi site/app which should tell you what it is


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Thanks for the replies guys.
Yes, looks like the 20’s were an option. I’ve ended up buying it and collect it on Friday.


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i've got the 20s too... cheaper tyres ;)


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Have the same 21” x 9J ‘5-arm Black Rotors on my SQ5 for winter use (Titanium 5-arm Rotors for summer use): mega easy clean rim:

SQ5 post 29 10 21.JPG