Black Edition Alloy Refurb...

Feb 22, 2011
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Hi guys

Does anyone no of, or could reccomend a good refurbing company for the black edition alloy wheels?

LOL I bet your only 5min from these guys too, West Hampstead NW6. First Aid Wheels

I have photos from the last set they did for me but I have NFI how to post them.
Audi Approved body shops are usually quite competitive if you want them refurbed in the OEM colour
Please don't use Audi Approved body shop, the last owner of my car did and two years on it shows! Also they charged £300 (four wheels) smart repair when you can get a full refurbishment for less.
Dont get smart repairs! My brother had it done after a garage damaged his wheel after repairing a puncture and they arranged for the wheel to be repaired. Until a couple wheeks ago we noticed its faded alot and has now started to peel! So as we speak its in a local wheel refurb place and they are doing a proper job!

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