Black edition 18" alloys


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They've grown on me.

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If you’re talking about these monstrosities then I’d say steer clear. They look horrendous and I’d imagine are a pain to clean


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Hi,any thoughts on the black edition 18" alloys which are on facelift s3

I really don’t like them, hence I have the optional 19in. However on the S5 I think the standard wheels look better than the optional ones!!

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Hi them are the ones.have ordered black edition and it comes with these wheels.not sure what to think about them
Think they are probably the type of wheels that grow on you. Just not my cup of tea. Actually put me off going for BE. If you’re not sure I’ve seen guys looking to do a swap. Just don’t think the new wheels are as smart as the previous turbine ones


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Nah, I don't like them either. They look a right pain to clean. If they were on a S-Line model, then probably okay, but not sporty enough for the S3 imo.

19" V-spokes all the way.


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I am going to see what they look like in the flesh, but may look to get a set of either the 18" rotors or the 19" optional ones second hand and then stick winter tyres on the BE OEM ones and stick them in storage.