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Black Diamond™, made in Slovenia

Šubler Feb 11, 2019

  1. Šubler

    Šubler Registered User


    I would like you to introduce my S3 AMK :) My firs car also :)
    I have been searching for ¨the one¨ for almost 2 yrs, wasnt on the hunt for the best car but for fairly priced for its condition.

    The car I choose was 2000¨AMK, FL at the time of buying i didnt know it was remaped...

    First pic when i got it:

    When the car was safely parked in the garage the hunt for ¨im gona do just wheels and springs¨ type of parts begun.
    But the hunting season was over very soon, because clutch said NO and went spinning...
    When everything was apart i had to take a look into the turbo, and man i had something to see, turbo was cracked almost around and around (exhaust side). So i got new exhaust side from Midland Turbo on ebay for 180eur, also bought new CHRA from borg and turbo was pretty much like new. I have to mention that car did not smoke, but wasnt holding boost like ECU called for.

    Just as soon as my wallet got little thicker some wheel deal pooped up.. guess what..

    i like the design of the spokes alot..

    The tyres on those wheels were pretty much junk, but still legal thou.

    Next step was FMIC, after talking with Tuffty about my car i settled in for and ebay fmic.

    its 600x30x76 3¨ in/out
    i went with 63mm alu piping

    Reason why I went with pie cuts and not bend is becuse i like welding!!! And it was good to train some alu welding.

    I made it fit under the bumper while retaining fogs and grills, had to trim bumper some but i can live with that. The silicone bends are reducers from 76 to 63 bought on ebay for 50eur both.

    Next on the list were the gauges!

    I bought some ebay gauges for boost, oil temp and oil pressure.
    Also got pillar mount, universal one, it sits like s**t but that will be sorted out.


    for oil temp and pressure i bought adapter which goes where the oem sensor for oil light was.
    I gota say that even they are quiet bright they dont bother me while driving.

    Next step were lowering springs from eibach (pro kit) and some spacers.

    not the best picture...

    Car was in this form for about 4 months..

    Then this happend...

    Brake pedal went to the floor and car went to kiss some dirt...
    The brake fluid in the system was 6 yrs old, my fault i havent checked that when i got it...
    The bumper is now 2 piece, headlight is in heavens and bumper is little bit bent.
    That was 5 months ago...
    For all this time i was chasing front bumper all around the world, lost about 500eur during that..
    Fella from Ireland manly screwed me over, on the 25th october i payed him 300eur for front bumper and right fender, and then another 100e for trims on doors, and im still w8ing for parts to arrive....

    In the mean time car went into Big Brake Kit project and camber arms project, since i had time...

    after 2 hrs of sketching and calculating dimensions i then made Fusion 360 make its things with 3D printer and wolaa::

    after 9 hrs it was finished and i run to the garage to test fit and i was disappointed, i frekin forgot to mesure from center of the brakeing disc hehe, 10 min and new one was on its way printing..


    this time i got it right :)


    I chose LCR discs since the brakes were from Alfa Romeo 159, (330mm disc).

    Brakes are now sand blasted and in procces of painting.

    lets move to rear camber arms...

    I have to say that this pic isnt mine, the whole idea is ¨stolen¨ from my countryman which is also on this forum but i cant find him atm, owner of one of the best S3 in Slovenia.

    Those photos belong to him!

    Meanwhile i was w8ing for machine shop to machine parts i need I was going to do stem seals, after whole exhaust side done on the last valve i found out that the valve guide broke off, this is why the car smoke very badly on startup.
    So head had to came down from the motor, all valve seats were machined, valve guides were replaced and head was back on the motor and running well.

    Since the engine bay was half empty i decided to do the PCV system delete and simplification, without catch can back to TIP.

    Any ways, the car is atm w8ing for full respray, when it arrives back to do list would like something like this:

    -BC Coillovers install (already catching dust for 4 months in the box)
    -Brakes install
    -Steering wheel from a later model S3 install
    -New exhaust with valve, made by me.

    To be continued ;)

    PS:. Sorry for my english :)
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
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  3. S3AMJ

    S3AMJ OEM+

    Your cars come a long way bud! I remember when you were doing the Intercooler with all them pie cuts! Good effort :)

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Šubler

    Šubler Registered User

    Thank you mate!
  5. Jeriho

    Jeriho Insane and i love it

    Nice. Wish i could do those mods on mine. They dont nag to you on the technical exam?
  6. Šubler

    Šubler Registered User

    as far as FMIC goes they havent seen it yet :p

    For the brakes, coillovers and exhaust all needs to have TUV certificates.
  7. Šubler

    Šubler Registered User

    Loaded and rdy to go!

    Choosing color is the next thing, thinking about Mythos black from Audi or Sapphire black from BMW...

  8. AlexA4Avant

    AlexA4Avant Registered User

    Why are you running plastic to hold your brake caliper s on as they will hear cycle and got hot and become brittle

    Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  9. Šubler

    Šubler Registered User

    Its just mock up, its 3d printed model for test fit, real ones are being cnc machined atm.
  10. Šubler

    Šubler Registered User

    Car is getting finished this week, loving the Mythos Black color!
    S3 forum slikež.jpg
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