Black detailing against akoya silver


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Feb 8, 2010
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I keep debating this after seeing a similar one on here, have been thinking about getting the grill, aud rings, mirrors and possibly the roof done in gloss black with the possibility of getting some alloys (Lm reps or something) black centred (with colour coded lip) in the future. What do you lot reckon? not sure if it would suit or not and am useless at photo shop to try haha
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Akoya is quite a blueish silver, so would need to see a photo shop! Could look good as I toyed with doing black detailing when I had an A6. I'd say yes.
Matt on the forum used to have black trim etc on his & it looked nice. If you look in the FAQ section on fitting the single grill bumper to a twin grill model you should see some pics of his. I went more down N8's route in keeping the chrome/brushed trim approch. I felt akoya was a classy colour as opposed to a sporty colour if you know what i mean.
I've got a silver A4 with lots of black bits. Personally I think it works but hey modifying cars is all about what YOU want to do. I say go for it!
Heres a pic of mine for reference, i wasn't too sure on the bonnet at first but its growing on me.