Black 1988 VW Scirocco into Silver Time Machine


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Please excuse the plea.......BUT...and it's a big BUT

I'm doing this years Wacky Rally, Lille to Barcelona, in July. I have the car bought and it's coming along nicely......but we seem to be struggling to get donations for our charities.......Credit Crunch I guess hasn't helped much.

Please take a look at and, only if you feel you can, please go to the Donations page and click the link to the charity you want to donate to.

We would also really appreciate any physical help in making some of the props for the car, like the flux capacitor and time display.....any brilliant electronics engineers out there willing to help us build them???



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heh, i did this (admittedly with a white Scirocco & on the Staples - Naples banger rally) a few years back... we got a pot of silver radiator paint, some brushs, a load of old cables & electronics from a local college, some plastic and a blender and made a beast of a time machine...

nb Fottere is italian for fornication :)