Bkd Engine, Fuel Temp Sensor


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May 13, 2014
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Not had my A3 for long, maybe 3months, I've had the engine management come on twice now. I have vagcom so can read it and cleared it.

Tells me fuel temp sensor. Both times this light has come on, its been the same journey, (a bit lazy of me) but driving it from cold up the road to a friends house and then leaving it there a couple of hours and driving home, its about a 30secs drive. (told you it was lazy) Both times the light has come on just after leaving his.

Have cleared the code, car drives fine, but since i've had it and the last owner, very occasionally it will misfire in the morning for about 1secs while driving slowly at half throttle or less.

Do i just replace the temp sensor? Seems quite cheap.