BKD 140 oil consumption. How much does yours drink?


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Hi. I did about 12000 miles or so this year, and within that mileage which took me around 11 month to rack up, the oil light came on to let me know it needed topping up. I had to put about 1.5 litres in to top it up.

I was wondering what you guys are experiencing with these engines. I've never owned a car that needed topping up before. Not even my old golf gttdi 130 and I'd easily rack up as many miles with that.

Oh also. I was wondering when the oil light comes on, how many litres should it take to hit max and how many litres between min and max. It seems to be really difficult to see the oil on the dip stick.

Hugo Santos

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I had 3 BKD engines so far on 3 different cars, and I cannot say that I ever remember to have to top up between service oil changes.
DO you notice any oil in the floor under the car after you have parked in the same spot for a while?



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During my 200k miles friendship with my BKD it never used any oil (at least I never had to top it up).