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Bitdi to S6

DonkeyIce Sep 26, 2018

  1. DonkeyIce

    DonkeyIce Active Member

    Thinking about making the jump, disappointed a few months back when I missed out on a new one, a nice used one has come up with the right spec
    Chewing over the running cost differences, but can’t make a decision, help lol

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  3. pez81

    pez81 Well-Known Member

    Don't even look.at comparable fuel consumption it's a twin turbo V8. But honestly I was diesel for years and will never go back now. I'd sooner spend more on fuel and have fun driving
    Plus diesels sound **** end of. Stock the s6 is a good car but it's really held back in its current state of tune. Tune it and you've got a bargain RS power car. I got the audiconnect pack what a waste used it 2-3 times in 2.5 years. Total waste.

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