BiTDI breakdown - recovery options ?


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Evening all,
Not having much look with my Audi’s lately - one issue after another.
Crankshaft pulley has destroyed itself with only 55k on the clock. Audi have advised me not to start the engine.

Car is in an awkward place on the drive. So to load onto trailer I need to freewheel it about 30m.
I have never done this with an electronic handbrake/automatic/quattro.

How can this be done without breaking something else ?

Handbrake should be an easy one - just wondering how I go about knocking it into neutral and will Quattro be an issue ?

Many thanks


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The pulley is a metal plate with rubber around it and then a metal ring for the belt guide. Have heard of this before on 3.otdi engines.
If the pulley and belt is completely detached from the centre part of it and you can lift it out ie so that its not attached to anything else or could get mangled then yes you can start the engine and drive it on the the recovery truck if need be.
If not then still you can switch on the ignition and release the handbrake and put it into neutral. Quattro is not affected unless you tow it with 2 wheels off the ground then it will be fubar'd


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Thanks - tried removing the knackered pulley but I don't have enough room. The outer ring won't pass the centre part of the pulley and radiator support.

Isn't the water pump attached to the serpentine belt - in which case how long would I have before things overheat ?


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I know its tight down there.. trust me i know i have just recently replaced all the pulleys, water pump, belt etc from the front in the small gap without having to put the front panel in the service position.
If you cant get the pulley out and its really wedge din then dont bother starting it it will probably hit something else and break it. If you can wrangle it out then great, and yes the water pump is driven by the belt but you are not driving it to the dealer, it will be fine.


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Check the manual for towing procedures.
For my c6 (Auto Quattro) you can tow it but it must have all 4 wheels on the ground, be in neutral and more no more than 50km.
If you need to move it 30m it should be fine in neutral, and you should be able to do this with just the ignition on, without starting the engine.