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Bit sluggish, bit thirsty, hot exhaust, fan staying on

kpm278 Jul 12, 2020

  1. kpm278

    kpm278 Registered User

    2014 2l TDI 184

    My fan has been staying on a lot more recently, say every other journey. Also car feels a little bit more sluggish, bit thirstier, exhaust smells “warm” and I can feel it’s heat more when I’m stood behind the car. It doesn’t happen every time, but the fan/heat/sluggish/thirst all happen together or not at all.

    I know fan and heat could be DPF related but surely not on every other journey.

    I have my assumptions but interested to hear experiences.

    I have VCDS but no fault codes stored. Not had the chance to measure any values yet.
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  3. T-1000

    T-1000 Registered User

    We had an instance of this recently.
    DPF regen was in progress.
    Golf GTD Cuna engine.

    Do you do a lot of town / short journeys ?

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  4. Peter82

    Peter82 Registered User

    All what u complain about is normal ... :)
    1.Fans will be on becue u been using air con so fans need cooling cooler to bring coldness
    Fans spinning now n then when car is kind of 'regenerating' DPF filter so runs hot and fans engage
    2.And sluggish?? really?? 140-145 mph isn't enough ? :)
    3.Yes id drinks a lot when u step on it :)
    4.yes exhaust smells DON'T stand behind it :D
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2020
  5. kpm278

    kpm278 Registered User

    Yes but no more than normal. The last two runs were 10-15 miles on M and A roads and the last regen was after a 15 mile run, the second longish trip that day. I’ve never noticed it get thirsty and sluggish when doing regens previously.

    Also 3 regens in less than a week seems excessive. If the engines off, does it still finish the regen? I thought maybe the thermostat or coolant sensor is up the duff?
  6. Peter82

    Peter82 Registered User

    Yes and it can take up to 5 minutes after engine off .. if u unsure go for carbon flush... I been £30 they did it for 30 minutes and nothing came out had it nice n clean

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