Bilstein B12 / Eibach Sportline kit fitted


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Hi All

2016 A3 8VF, 150tdi, sportback, quattro. 51000 miles.

I purchased a B12 suspension kit some time ago and only got round to fitting it last weekend. I also got front and rear Eibach ARB's. The rear is also fitted. New strut mounts, bearings, drop links etc were also fitted.

The front ARB and full geometry are getting done in a couple of weeks at a local specialist.

The car is so much nicer to drive. No more rolling or bouncing about as it has done since I got it with 9000 miles on it several years ago. Its a real pleasure to drive now.

One thing I did notice is that both rear dampers, with only 51000 miles on them in apparent good condition with no misting, leaks or rust are absolutely knackered. They have no resistance to compression at all and don't even expand on their own. Not sure about the fronts as the springs are still on the old struts. They could quite possibly be knackered too.

The Bilstein/Eibach kit is awesome. Money well spent.