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Facelift BIL11 85 Audi RS3 Build

billymc92 Jan 10, 2018

  1. infernox

    infernox Registered User

    How's your car sounding like now Billy?
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  3. seventeenapg

    seventeenapg Registered User

    I have just read your complete thread on your journey so far and what a journey!! I guess you have been a bit brave too to go with so many mods so early after taking delivery. And, for sure, many have learned from some of the issues that you have experienced.
    Your RS is looking just class with the new colour and all of the outward looking mods that you have done; congrats on that.
    I took delivery of my saloon in May 18 and my initial thought was disappointment at the fact that Audi had mapped out the pops. Now I'm not a boy racer but I do like cars such as ours to declare their thoroughbred vocally. I have been looking at AVC and PCW mod ( I already have the "eBay" valve delete) but I don't think the pops will be back. I have reached out to MRC a few weeks back and they can do a stage 1 for me and said the pops of PFL will be back . But, I have since been told that he pops in stage 1 (with no other mods) could damage the cat, so now unsure. BTW, I also plan on getting a K&N free flow filter to put into the existing air box. Also looking at MSS lowering springs. I see you have used them. I would probably just go with a fairly std spring giving around 10mm lowering all round. What would your thoughts be on all of this?

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