Facelift BIL11 85 Audi RS3 Build


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How's your car sounding like now Billy?


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Hi guys,

Thought I would start a build thread that I could just keep adding too throughout my time of owning the car and update you all of what I think of the upgrades I try.

I placed my order 17th October From Worcester Audi. Im from Edinburgh so its not quite local but they were able to give me the best deal and trade in my for old car, a mk6 Golf GTI full R replica Revo stage 1.

The Spec of my RS3 Sportback is,

Ara Blue
Auto dimming and folding door mirrors
Panoramic Sunroof
High beam assist
Audi magnetic ride
Red brake calipers
SS seats with red stitching
Design pack
Comfort and sound pack
Gloss black styling pack
Gloss black rotors

The Car then arrived at Worcester Audi the 19th of December
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Car then got transported to Edinburgh and arrived on the 21st
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I then arrived home from work a week later on the 28th and was going to London over the New Year so decided to drive which was a 1100 round trip. Car was needing ran in so thought it was a great excuse to take it.
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Was so surprised at how much faster and louder the car got just from getting ran in and that's without the sports exhaust as I have always planned on going down the aftermarket exhaust route. The car gets lots of attention on the road and the young car spotters were loving it in London.

First wash of the car after the 1100 miles down south and unfortunately there was about 4 or 5 stone chips on the front already so paint must be a lot weaker than I thought it would be.

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So then came my first simple but effective mod, the black badges from eBay.

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Next up was my first big delivery for the car.

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Full carbon intake from Eventuri. They said on my instagram [billymc92] post that I was one of the first to have this fitted to a Gen 2 RS3.

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For performance wise and just by feel I cant notice any difference with this but im sure it will be shown when I get on the dyno. Sound on the other hand is so much louder and can constantly hear the intake sooking for air. I actually got so excited on my test run after fitting the intake I thought id try my first Launch control, and it instantly got followed by a second launch lol. I do have a video of it but it wont let me upload videos. I knew this would be quick but jesus I did not expect the pull it does and that was in damp conditions.

Car then got another wash along with clay bar'd and sealed so I could go take some proper photos as ive not had a chance too due to the rubbish weather.

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Thought id state some things the have previously been stated on this form.

Squeaky breaks - Yes mine started at about 1100 but its only just the lightest squeak. Not enough to drive me crazy. As other people have said it comes and then goes again so ill just see how it ends up before I start worrying about it.

My lights do get condensation after I wash it same as a few other people have reported but same as before, most people say as time goes on it stops so will just keep an eye on that too.

My sunvisor does always pop out the clip when I go to fold it away which is really annoying. Im hoping it loosens up soon and does not always do it.

My exhaust has the cold start ticking/clicking noise. I don't believe its a fault and if it annoys you that much just change into dynamic and it stops.

If anyone has any questions ill be happy to try answer them for them.

I am booked into MRC February 10th for stage 1 so ill keep use all updated with that and will post plenty pictures and videos. Cars in getting tints today so ill get some more pictures of the car after that.

I am changing my wheels to OZ Racing alloys and will lower on MSS springs. Waiting on miltek to release an exhaust and will get a full exhaust system and downpipe.

Will keep use apdated as I go on and hope to see some of your own build threads popping up on the forum,

Thanks for looking, Billy

I have just read your complete thread on your journey so far and what a journey!! I guess you have been a bit brave too to go with so many mods so early after taking delivery. And, for sure, many have learned from some of the issues that you have experienced.
Your RS is looking just class with the new colour and all of the outward looking mods that you have done; congrats on that.
I took delivery of my saloon in May 18 and my initial thought was disappointment at the fact that Audi had mapped out the pops. Now I'm not a boy racer but I do like cars such as ours to declare their thoroughbred vocally. I have been looking at AVC and PCW mod ( I already have the "eBay" valve delete) but I don't think the pops will be back. I have reached out to MRC a few weeks back and they can do a stage 1 for me and said the pops of PFL will be back . But, I have since been told that he pops in stage 1 (with no other mods) could damage the cat, so now unsure. BTW, I also plan on getting a K&N free flow filter to put into the existing air box. Also looking at MSS lowering springs. I see you have used them. I would probably just go with a fairly std spring giving around 10mm lowering all round. What would your thoughts be on all of this?