Bike racks for the A4 B6.. Talk to me what have you got?


May add NOS to 600+bhp S3.

It's a bit hard in this for me


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Ive got one that fits to the tow bar. its just an extra adaptor between the tow bar and the mount, fit two L shaped bars to it and then strap the bikes to it. dosent touch the car at all.

Not sure how much it was as it was fitted to the car when i got it. Will try and get a pic for you.


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Thule ProRide 591 Racks. Can squeeze 4 racks and bikes on the A4 roof bars. Perfect on both my B6 and now C7. Got mine for £65 from Halfords - priced matched a Ford Main Dealer - Stoneacre I think. Highly rated.

Sorry about image quality.


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roof for me too, SOOOOO much handier. 2 small straps for the wheels and a quick twist of the bar onto the downtube and done. Bike off in 5 secs, 20sec on.