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Been a bit quiet lately as i have been away traveling and also busy with work as well as we purchased the girl a MK6 GTI where a bit of work has started on day 3 of arrival already and still going lol (new project?)

Just wanted to give a plug to LOBA Motorsports and Si for helping out with my inquiries and also providing me with the LOBA Motorsports Sach SMF Kit for my S3 8P which arrived within a week from Germany. Service & Quality a big thumbs up!

Overall i am very happy with the feel of the car now and how much better it spools up on the Stage 2+. At the same time i had my box rebuilt (2nd gear syncro died, don't ask! and no it wasnt the driver!) and removed the 3 month old dead Sachs Performance Stage 2 DMF Kit that i purchased from APS which i would not recommend to anyone after the dramas it caused and even more so after finding out further information on it. For a stage 2 plus it didn't hold up long at all even after 1700+kms driving like ms daisy run in. Disappointed with that one and the pocket $$ was as well! (But saying this, it may work for you!)

Other than that grabbed some slotted rotors, haldex service and put in the VWRacing Engine Mounts which i am surprised how smooth they are to what i had expected.

For anyone considering the SMF kit, drivability in the city (as i live 1.4km from Sydney CBD) i would highly recommend this clutch as a daily if you can live with a firmer-ish pedal and definitely grabs onto the power without an issue.

I think i am done for now, i think? Unless a certain someone sells me his OZ racing wheels!


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Hi fuzion looks like this may be my next purchase , did you get the 550nm or the 600 nm, and did you do the three mounts? Is that daves bbk kit on the front...


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Really glad you're pleased with that...Si and Loba gave me an enormous amount of free advice when choosing the clutch for my car,even knowing that for various reasons I may not have been able to choose one of theirs.
That,I think,speaks volumes for Si,and Loba as a company.


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All 3 mounts are done yes. 550nm edition.

S3Alex, i agree with you. He was the same with me.. Glad i decided to use them in the end. But it does feel weird when i get back into the MK6 GTI as my foot goes through the wall! lol