hi all!

just had some bad news after getting my a4 b5 tdi serviced got a major leak from my sump gasket and timing belt is quite worn. mechanic said it will be a big job because he has to take the sub frame and bumpers off has any one else had a problem like mine? i was going to sell my car now i think ill be spending a few quid it will be an idea to keep it now.


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ouch, not suffered like that mate, bad news eh? Get a few quotes from people and maybe get a second opinion, sound like its going to be expensive as well......have a look around the forum, there are a few people who may be able to point you in the right direction.....good luck!!


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Dips, your mechanic is right. Just completing a timing belt chance on a '00 S4, not too bad, as long as you know what you're doing.


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The diy mechanic's bible (aka Haynes manual) does mention undoing the subframes to be able to get at the sump bolts (along with a few other things too like the aircon drivebelt and engine mounts) so it looks as though your mechanic's right. Bumper'll have to come off for the timing belt anyway - standard procedure...

You've 2 choices as I see it - get it fixed, keep the car a bit longer and hope nothing else goes worng OR steam the ****** off and flog it ASAP! When the new owner asks just say: 'Leak? What leak?' :eyebrows:.

Note to self: Don't buy an A4 TDi from Leicester... Only kiddin Dips - hope you get sorted whatever decision you make :thumbsup: