BH's Mystery Blue Mk3 SEAT Leon Cupra 300 5 Door

Bristle Hound

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@Bristle Hound , I’m pulling your chain a bit, you know that, mate.
@jdp1962 - I know you were my friend, hence my reply lol
But on a more serious note, saying one is better than the other is to ignore that they’re completely different cars, built to do completely different jobs. Its like saying a banana is a better fruit than an orange. It might be if you need potassium but the orange is better if you need vitamin C.

If you want a hot hatch for charging around B roads, of course the Cupra is a better choice than the S4. But I don't think I’d pick it over the S4 as a comfortable, super-refined, cultured and effortlessly fast GT.
As much as I loved my S4, I have mentioned this before, the s-tronic gearbox did not suit my driving style. It was too easy to catch it out. But thats probs the way I was trained to drive cars in my previous job
& yes before anyone says, I know the Avant I now have also has auto transmission, but the whole car & multitronic transmission are so far removed from the S4 it would be fair to make a comparison between the 2
The Avant is such a lazy drive its more than ideal for towing IMHO
& before anyone asks, yes to me, the Cupra was a better car than my old S4
^ Crucial words in my 'going back' post Jeff :p