BH's Ibis White B8 Audi A4 2.0 TFSI quattro S-line Saloon

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Jul 30, 2014
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We bought this car brand new in April 2009 after owning two previous new Audi A4’s, a B6 2.0 SE petrol saloon and a B7 2.0 TDI 140 bhp S-Line saloon.

The standard spec on our MY09 B8 A4 was pretty much what we wanted, however there was a few factory extra’s we wanted.
We opted for the 19” 7 double spoke alloy wheels (tyres are a ****** fortune), cruise control (an option at the time), auto hill hold function and rear window blinds.

The only additions we’ve added are xenon match front fog light bulbs, LED number plate light bulbs and chrome inserts to the front grill (now removed).




Lots more pics here -
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I don't allow wet cars into my garage, even though I have a dehumidifier.....

nice clean car :)
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Nice clean car buddy , best colour too;)
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Very nice car :) How is it for oil usage ?
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This car is sweet! I just found out my Audi A3 Quattro saloon came in.
(Glacier White with Black interior) I will be picking it up Wednesday morning.
Ordered it on July 28th. I am very excited.
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A sad day today. I've gone and sold my A4 :(

Don't usually get attached to my cars, but this one has been the exception TBH

I had the car, from new, a couple of days over 5 1/2 years. I'm quite pleased that it has retained 48% of it value after all this time :thumbs up:

It never missed a beat and not had one warranty claim the whole time of ownership, which is probably quite rare nowadays :thumbs up:

Last pic as I left it ...

Reason for selling? 'New arrival' on the way ... ;)
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Will this new arrival have you filling your pants? Or will it be filling its own pants xD :p
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That was a sweet looking car. Bet you will miss it a lot. I always get attached to my cars. Now you can look forward to the future.
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How did you sell it may I ask? Looked a fine example.
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Found an old pic of my old A4 today
Was taken a couple of days after picking it up in April 2009

Those wheels were a PITA to keep clean lol
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The white colour on Audi is certainly growing on me since driving this:


I'm thinking of maybe an S4 or dare I say an RS4. Big question is when? Be interesting to see the B9's first...